12 Studios of Famous 20th Century Artists

A studio is meant to be not only to be a place of work, but a place of inspiration, a sacred space. These artists studios, their creative spaces, are almost like physical and spacial representations of their creativity.

Looking at these studios, you almost feel like you were there when some of the greatest works of the 20th century were being made! If you find this interesting, head over to Bored Panda  for an extensive list of artists and their studios.

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7 Ways to Appreciate Spring Arts in DC

Spring is, without a doubt, the loveliest time in the District. The weather is fair, the blossoms are blooming, and tourists fill up the streets to bring the city back to life.

With the beautiful spring weather comes rejuvenation, suddenly your winter laziness disappears into a liveliness and energy that craves activities. Luckily, in a city that practically worships the spring time, there’s plenty to do.

Cherry Blossom Festival


Seeing the cherry blossoms in the spring here in DC is a requirement if you are a resident of the metro area. The season is estimated to start on March 20th, with peak blooming time supposedly being March 31st- April 4th. Whether you’re interested in the history of the cherry blossoms or just wish to go to the events surrounding the festival (i.e music, parades, fireworks and more) there’s really something for everyone. It’s a great way to celebrate the coming of spring in DC and the beauty surrounding it is sure to inspire some creativity.

Hillwood Estate Gardens



This historical estate and museum is also home to some really beautiful garden spaces perfect for springtime walks. There are an array of flowers blooming in the 13 different outdoor areas of the Hillwood estate, enough to get your dose of nature for the season. Definitely check out the Japanese Garden as it is beautiful and calming- a nice way to take in the outdoors while doing some much needed introspection after the winter.

Dumbarton Oaks


Dumbarton Oaks Garden has some of the most beautiful scenery in Georgetown, with 13 enclosed gardens and 11 informal gardens. It is a huge plot of land dedicated to people getting back into nature and history. The Rose garden is especially delightful if you’re looking for an Alice in Wonderland/Secret Garden type of escape. The Orchard is also quite beautiful for strolling around, but unfortunately you won’t be getting any fruit to eat as the fruit trees were replaced by crabapple trees some years ago-still, it offers plenty of room for kids and adults to explore. Take a quick look around the museum as well while you have the chance!

Botanical Gardens


The US Botanic Gardens are a great way to enjoy rare and exotic plant life all year round! However, Spring  is a time when we need to be rejuvenated in the ways of the outdoors and a visit to the botanic gardens is absolutely the way to do it. From exotic plants to a butterfly garden, the botanical gardens are quite literally an escape from the daily grind of city life. Not only a great opportunity to appreciate the natural world but the colors and atmosphere are a sure way to get your creative juices flowing. Great for solo walks for contemplation or bringing the whole family for a nice warm stroll; this is not something you want to miss.

NGA sculpture Garden


The National Gallery of Art’s Sculpture Garden is also open year round but the best time to enjoy the artwork is the Spring. There may be many tourists but the people watching is just as good as the art itself. From a Alexander Calder to Roy Lichtenstein, the Sculpture Garden offers so much wonderful artwork right out in the open. Best for bringing a book and an iced coffee, strolling through the garden, and sitting next to your favorite piece. Not something to miss on a beautiful spring day.

National Arboretum



The National Arboretum is a monumentally wonderful way to celebrate the Spring time. With beautiful colonnades, a bonsai museum, and friendship garden among some of the things you can visit, it’s a truly wonderful way to enjoy the beautiful weather and inspiring views.


Hirshhorn Sculpture Garden



The Sculpture Garden at the Hirsshorn museum has beautiful modern art to look at, free of admission, right off the national mall. The garden has ample room for sitting or strolling and the works of art are absolutely inspiring. This is something that is best seen in warm weather because the nature of the art works on display are cause for contemplation and more than just a quick look. This is a garden that will pique your curiosity and give you lots to think about!