Thanksgiving Captured in Art

Thanksgiving is quickly approaching and what better way to appreciate this traditional American holiday than looking at how artists have chosen to represent it through art. Keep reading to see some of our favorite paintings that are all about Turkey Day!


Jason Mecier

What better way to start off this blog post than with a portrait of Sarah Hale, created out of traditional Thanksgiving foods? Sarah Hale is credited with the founding of Thanksgiving when she talked Abe Lincoln into this delicious holiday!


Roy Lichtenstein, “Still Life” 1961

American artist Roy Lichtenstein captured the main dish of every Thanksgiving meal, the turkey, in his classic pop art style.


John Currin, “Thanksgiving” 2003

This painting by John CurrinĀ recalls the tradition of northern European Renaissance painting and seems to be an allegory of his wife’s pregnancy.


“First Supper (After a Major Riot)”, 1974

This photograph by Harry Gamboa, Jr. documented a work by the performance group Asco that shows what Thanksgiving is all about-sharing with loved ones, even in odd places.


Norman Rockwell, “Freedom From Want” 1941-1943

I’m finishing off this post with what is probably the most classic Thanksgiving painting by Norman Rockwell. This is the quintessential family portrait of an American family sharing a Thanksgiving meal together.

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