DSC_0667Who are we?

The Modern Easel is run by the Aaron Gallery based in Washington, D.C!

The Aaron Gallery is a contemporary art space committed to bringing the public the finest Abstract Expressionist painting and sculpture. It proudly represents many local and international artists who range from emerging to mid-career in addition to the wide variety in medium. The gallery was founded in 1974 by Consuelo Aaron in Washington D.C. and is continued by Annette Aaron to be a prominent fixture of the D.C. art scene. We’re located on 2101 L Street NW, Washington, D.C,  suites 440, 800, and 1000 as well as in the Chevy Chase Pavilion at 5335 Wisconsin Avenue NW, in suites 440, 600, and 900.

The Modern Easel is our way of sharing the knowledge of art we gain through working directly with artists and art culture.

From culture to design to what’s happening in your very own cities, The Modern Easel will be displaying what matters.