12 Studios of Famous 20th Century Artists

A studio is meant to be not only to be a place of work, but a place of inspiration, a sacred space. These artists studios, their creative spaces, are almost like physical and spacial representations of their creativity.

Looking at these studios, you almost feel like you were there when some of the greatest works of the 20th century were being made! If you find this interesting, head over to Bored Panda  for an extensive list of artists and their studios.

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3 Tips To Get Your Art Collection Started The Right Way



Jennifer Stoner Interiors/John Magor Photography. Post 108, No. 1, oil on canvas, 60x48, 2009.

Jennifer Stoner Interiors/John Magor Photography. Post 108, No. 1, oil on canvas, 60×48, 2009.

Collecting and displaying art for your home makes you the curator of your own exhibit, except this exhibit is an extension of yourself.

They say that you don’t buy a piece of art, you invest in it… and while this sounds like a cliché, in reality, it can’t be more true. Artwork of good quality will not only enhance your personal environment, it will also stay with you for generations to come.

Art isn’t just meant to be beautiful, it should speak to something deeper within you-evoking a cherished memory or feeling.

Art is meaningful and for that reason it should be treated with respect in your household. So how do you go about finding the perfect piece of art for your home?

First thing’s first- change your mindset! Many choose art in order to fit alongside or “match” their home. But remember you’re making an investment! The art you choose shouldn’t be based on any other factor than the piece speaks to you in some way and for that reason, you choose to display it in your home. It isn’t meant as simply “decor,” it creates atmosphere– while your furniture or wall color might change, if bought properly, your art display will not.

A beautiful Javier Cabada painting site perfectly in the center of a large living room, acting as a burst of color and a focal point!

A beautiful Javier Cabada painting sits perfectly in the center of a large living room, acting as a burst of color and a focal point!

Do your research! If you’re truly looking to buy a piece of art that will not only stay with you for years (if not generations) to come, you must know what you are getting yourself into before you purchase! Work with an art dealer or gallery, look into the background/predicted future of the artist who created the work, and discuss how to hang or present it! Not only do you want to make sure you get a return on your investment, you also want to know exactly how to handle your new acquisition. You can never get too much help, especially if you’re just getting started collecting. *Plus* When guests ask about that amazing piece hanging in your living room, you’ll know exactly what to say about it.

Viewers Look at a Hebert Sanchez Painting at the Aquamarine Exhibition

Viewers Look at a Hebert Sanchez Painting, Aquamarine Exhibition, Aaron Gallery

Don’t let anyone else influence your decision- while it is important to be informed about the pieces you buy and receiving help can’t hurt, always remember to trust yourself in the end. Art is a completely subjective experience, both to the artist and the viewer. It is important that you always go with your gut about purchasing a piece because in the end, it’s you and your family who will be looking at it most. If you find that a piece is a good investment but you can’t find it in your heart to say you love the work, don’t do it! You’ll know the right piece of art when you see it.



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